Inflatable Military Shelter

Inflatable Military Shelter

The HTS tentiQ Inflatable Military Shelter features an extremely fast and easy set up that takes around five minutes for one or two people. These shelters are also very adaptable and suitable for a variety of living and working spaces.


Inflatable military shelters are used for single or full camp applications and ideal for accommodation, office, medical, dining or HQ spaces.


These tents come with a standard width of 5.65m and a standard wall height of 2.80m. The length is variable ranging from 5.40m up to 20.80m. All tents in this range can be packaged up and transported on one pallet.

Specification overview

Frame fabric: PVC 1000gr/sqm
Roof cover: PVC 620gr/sqm
Floor cover: PVC 550gr/sqm

Weather resistance

Wind loading: 80km/h
Snow load: 25kg/sqm


All the tents in this range can be packaged up and transported on one pallet.

Set up

Set up time depends on the type of compressor / blower used to inflate the tent, but the average set up time is usually less than five minutes for a team of up to two people.


The inflatable shelters can be adapted to different scenarios and requirements with a range of features and accessories, including:

  • Ventilation holes
  • Rollable and detachable entrances,
  • Cable pipelines,
  • PVC ground sheet,
  • Galvanised steel earth nails,
  • Storm wires,
  • Repair kit and pack bag

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