Hybrid SlatFence (HSF)

Hybrid SlatFence (HSF)

The new generation Hybrid SlatFence (HSF) is a lightweight flexible composite bar armour that uses unique technology to protect against even the newest RPG, which feature an insulation layer between the cones.

Hybrid SlatFence is composed of flexible cables, bar holders and the actual steel composite protective slats. The protection modules are attached to the vehicles with flexible and foldable brackets. Each HSF slat is covered with a rubber sleeve and can be painted to match the colour of your vehicles.

HSF offers several major advantages over other systems. For doors, hull openings and hatches it can be installed horizontally, vertically or diagonally to maintain maximum accessibility with optimised protection.

For hard to protect yet sensitive areas such as sponsons, HSF does not have to be attached on two sides, it can be installed like a curtain while the lower part is not fixed to the vehicle. This allows movement when hitting the ground or obstacles.

Key features include:

  • Improved protection against all types of RPGs including RPG7 V,L,M,N and PGS9
  • Defeat mechanism that uses a conductive metal to create an electrical short cut between the warhead cones
  • Neutralises up to 65% at NATO 0°, with 85% silent neutralisation (no detonation)
  • High survivability for soldiers and the vehicle hull
  • HSF can be used in combination with FlexFence for the opaque areas to achieve optimised protection
  • Excellent multi-hit behaviour with silent neutralisations of up to five hits per square metre
  • The same modular system fits wheeled and tracked vehicles
  • Weighs just 20% of traditional steel bar amour, integrated on the vehicle it will add 10kg/m2 to 11kg/m2
  • Protects windows and other transparent areas without vertigo effect
  • Highly durable, does not degrade vehicle speed, manoeuverability or performance
  • Flexible system that allows easy integration of HSF to dynamic areas such as doors, turrets and sponsons
  • Eliminates scenarios associated with metal bar armour, HSF flexes back or breaks to allow emergency egress
  • Low life cycle costs equal no welding, low-cost acquisition, field repair using standard tools and no special training
  • Unique composite / steel bar design, that allows the bars to be cut to size with a hack saw
  • Available in any colour to blend in with vehicle camouflage
  • Meets all relevant environmental testing standards according to MIL-STD-810

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