The FlexMill Crusher is a machine specially designed for crushing products in the pharmaceutical and food industries.

The new concept behind the FlexMill Crusher allows for the machine to be easily converted from an oscillating mill to a crusher for products with an input size between 3-15 cm, reducing them to pieces of 1-2 cm. An intelligent system integrated in the mill allows the rotor to reverse if the rotor becomes blocked. This function prevents an amperage overload of the system and ensures a continuous process without the machine shutting down. After crushing the product in a First-step, an operator can remove the crusher tool element, replacing it with OscilloWitt tools, hence reducing a product from up to 5 cm to a final size of 250 µm, with a single machine, specially designed to mill, as well as deagglomerate heat-sensitive and difficult-to-process products.


  • Very broad spectrum of applications for any type of dry, moist (not sticky), hard, cryogenized or heat-sensitive powder
  • Extreme production flexibility due to a unique modular concept allowing very quick tool interchange
  • Clear GMP-capable concept for smooth, reproducible production
  • High production safety offering the ATEX certified concept for zones 0/20 down to an EMI of> 1mJ
  • Reduced operational costs due to the unique oscillating and crushing modular concept
  • Simple and fast to clean; Washing-in-Place (WIP) available as option
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Versatile use made possible by a large selection of tooling elements