Fast Emergency Shelters

Rapid Deployment Emergency Tents

The HTS tentiQ Military P-Shelters were designed specifically for fast, economical deployment and easy, quick set up without needing any experience, knowledge or tools to do so.

Uses – the P-Shelters are suitable for just about any situation where instant or emergency cover is needed for military personnel, civilians or storage.

Sizes – standard sizes cover areas from 23.75m² to 70.80m². As with all the HTS tentiQ shelters, customised sizes are available as part of the standard product range.

Weather resistance – the customisation options ensure the P-Shelter Emergency Shelter can be adapted to regional and climate conditions and country-specific military specifications.

Packaging – the largest standard size can be packaged down to a 165.00kg pack.

Set up – a 3-man team would take around 15 minutes to set up a medium sized shelter.

Accessories – although a simple design the P-Shelters still come with multiple accessory options including flooring systems, partition walling, rollable side entrance, electrical equipment, HVAC systems and connecting components so tents can be linked.

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