DESAPRO’s has developed the next generation of high strength, custom rotomold transit cases. Aegis cases are designed to be robust, lightweight, rotationally moulded, and waterproof. They incorporate the latest design and materials technology and are engineered to meet or exceed the most demanding performance requirements under the most extreme environmental conditions.

Aegis cases are specially engineered to meet the exact requirements of clients, incorporating beneficial features that could not previously be achieved with existing rotational molding technology. These features qualify the claim that Aegis cases are the ‘next generation’ of high durability transit cases.

Some of the key features of Aegis Transit Cases include:

  • Rotationally molded from high impact, UV stabilised, SMP material for durability and reliability.
  • Substantial, controlled wall thickness with reinforced corners and edges.
  • Up to 20% greater material thickness for increased strength and impact resistance.
  • Water-shedding, high durability, and double skin lids for enhanced structural rigidity.
  • Unique, safe stacking and cross stacking features across several sizes.
  • Twin wall rim for enhanced seal performance.
  • Ergonomic ‘glove friendly’ flush, moulded-in handles cannot stick or detach.
  • Convenient moulded-in tie-down points for load stabilisation.
  • Substantial, lockable, stainless steel twist latches and unique drive-in strike plates.

All the proofs you’ll ever need

  • Engineered to meet the most rigorous standards such as: STANAG 4340, DEf-STAN 81-41 Level J, DEf-STAN 81-144, MIL-STD-810G and ATA 300 among others
  • Waterproof to IP67
  • Dustproof to IP67
  • Rustproof latches and strike plates
  • Pilfer-proof lockable latch mechanism

Aegis cases are available in a choice of standard colours, including black, dark and light admiralty grey, Nato green, light stone, camouflage desert sand, white and red.

Valuable, mission-critical equipment deserves the ultimate protection provided by Aegis Custom Cases.