Chameleon skin is an anti-thermal/IR concealment wrap film for use on the modern battlefield ready to be applied by anyone, anytime, anywhere. Fast and as easy as PEEL-OFF and STICK-ON.

  • A modern, anti-thermal IR camouflage applique system made of high-spec, ultra lightweight and durable material.
  • Easy to apply and remove from vehicles and surfaces (stick on, peel off solutions).
  • Provided in any camouflage pattern and colours requested that suits all operational requirements (ZONE TONE Sand, green, brown, woodland, desert, rocky, urban, arctic)

Product characteristics

  • Chameleon skin is a Stealth Wrap film, a multi-layer cast adhesive backed film for full wraps manufactured as per international standards (ISO:9001).
  • Supplied in rolls of 1.5m (w) and sheets of 30cm x 50cm.
  • Ultra lightweight, durable, very fast and simple installation and removability easy sliding, tacking, snap-up and repositioning.
  • Resistance to alkalis, acids, salt, fuel spills, and excellent resistance to water.
  • Temperature range after application – 53C – 107C.