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Coriolis Recon Brochure

Coriolis Recon is a ruggedised and portable bio-air sampler dedicated to CBRN teams or first responders for biological warfare agents collection, ensuring quick deployment during a suspected biological attack.

Coriolis Recon collects large concentrations of aerosols in the breathable range of 0.5 to 10 µm, with an air flow rate at 600L/min. In doing so, it is more representative of the environment than more traditional bio-aerosol samplers. As it collects bio-aerosol particles into a liquid format, this system can be used with rapid identification techniques for biological agents (immunoassay, PCR, etc.), providing an early warning regarding aerosolized biological warfare agents.

The innovative and patented technology of the Coriolis Recon allows the user to monitor the risks and to implement counteract measures in the event of a bacteriological threat or a terrorist attack. Its high flow rate (600L/min) ensures a rapid detection of Biothreat agents, as it captures and concentrates any airborne pathogene into a liquid sample compatible with any type of analysis, even very low diameter particles such as biological warfare agents.

The installation of the device takes less than five minutes and can be performed with an IPE protection (MIL-STP 1472 compliance). Ruggedized for harsh environments, Coriolis Recon has been designed to be used in a military or first responders’ context (STANAG 4370 compliance military shipment).

Moreover, its long time monitoring option allows from one minute up to six hours of sampling to assess biological contamination of an area, maintaining the collection liquid volume at a constant rate during the entire sampling period. Thanks to this option, the Coriolis Recon can provide new investigation possibilities for the bio-surveillance of risk areas, during a critical event or in combination with another warning system.

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