The 19in SILENT IPC is built to be used in industrial and military applications which call for this kind of robust and reliable systems. The solid steel housing meets industrial and MIL-STD-810 environmental requirements.

Thanks to the fanless concept this system is completely silent and there is no dust ingress into the system and no air dust filter that needs to be serviced. So servicing the system over the complete life cycle is reduced to a minimum. Thermal management is done by heat pipes connected to a rear side and a large front side heat sink.

A special T-system version with additional EMI/EMC enhancements complies to TEMPEST specifications.

The system operates on 110V to 240V AC. As a special option, versions for operating from 110V to 220V DC are also available.

The modular design concept of the 19in SILENT industrial PC means large varieties of customised versions can be built. Changes in the mechanical structure and various hardware options are available, even on small quantities, to meet customer applications.