A unique and unmatched technology in anti-thermal/IR paints, protects your assets and strategic infrastructure from EO/IR threats – effectively, affordably, reliably, and above all, always ‘alarmed’ against detection and targeting from missile threats (anti-tank, cruise, drones, UCAV etc.)

Intermat Stealth Paint System is the modern protection solution to high tech surveillance and targeting systems, suppressing drastically thermal/IR signature and maximising survivability of painted platforms and equipments.

Key characteristics

  • Multispectral responding to Near-IR, Mid-IR, (3-5), and Far-IR (8-14) ranges.
  • Conceals the heat emitted by the platform and deceives EO/IR sensors.
  • Breaks ‘lock-on’ by enemy heat seeking missiles and hence cancels the effectiveness of those smart weapons.
  • Applicable to almost any surface ie. metallic, building, runways, PVC.
  • Weightless, only 20-50 microns dry film thickness.