AAR shelters

AAR Mobility Systems manufactures a variety of shelters for military operations and humanitarian efforts.

Our complete line of intermodal shelter systems is designed with maximum flexibility to comply with end-user requirements, provide ease of set-up, and meet long lifespan requirements with rugged construction.

Our shelter systems improve mobilisation capabilities for operational units by providing:

  • Patented integral loading base for rapid aircraft load and off load times
  • Immediate operational workspace
  • Reduced deployment footprint
  • Secure equipment in transit

Numerous configurations are available to suit any mission, including tactical operations centres, briefing rooms, ablution units, laundry facilities, kitchens, supply and part storage, sleeping quarters, water treatment and storage, tyre maintenance facilities, and more.

We offer a comprehensive selection of accessories as well to enhance shelter operations. A full range of integrated services, spare parts and field service support is available to sustain each of our shelters.

AAR Mobility Systems continues to expand and improve our shelter product lines to meet the ever-changing deployment requirements of military, peacekeeping, and disaster relief forces worldwide.

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