AAR ISU containers

AAR Mobility Systems is the world leader in manufacturing air transportable containers.

As the sole manufacturer of the ISU® Container, AAR’s design specifications meet or exceed Department of Defence standards for air transportation of equipment and supplies.

With more than 40 different configurations available, our containers can easily be customised for any mission requirement such as armouries, laundries, refrigeration, dog kennels, gun rooms, maintenance, ATV storage, and more.

Our complete collection of containers offers a wide range of deployment capabilities, including land transport, sealift, or airlift by any configuration of cargo aircraft in the world.

Our third generation 56000 Series ISU® Container, also known as the Gen X Container, is the mainstay for military rapid deployment forces.

It is adaptable to unique user requirements and can serve virtually any cargo deployment need.

Our ISU® Containers improve mobilisation capability for operational units by providing:

  • Faster load and off load times
  • Immediate operational workspace
  • Reduced deployment footprint
  • Secure equipment in transit
  • Instant access to parts
  • Equipped to lock in aircraft cargo restraint systems
  • No pallet or tie-down chains required

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