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Planners of the US Department of Defense (Dod ) are working on how to resume normal military operations, which were paused following the outbreak of the coronavirus (Covid-19).

To contain the situation following the spread of the virus, multiple official exercises have been halted, training has been limited and military movement has been restricted.

Additionally, the stop-movement order, which remains valid until 30 June, is being strictly enforced.

These precautionary measures were taken in an effort to flatten the curve of coronavirus infections.

Defense for Public Affairs secretary assistant Jonathan Rath Hoffman said: “We’ll be evaluating many different areas.

“One is training: how are we protecting our trainees, and how are we keeping the pipeline full? We’re continuing to look at that, continuing to adopt and adapt so that we can pursue full training classes in the future.”

This planning for the department is led by the US Transportation Command and includes the management of the strategic forces.

Even if the situation returns to normal, fear of the virus will still be around. A programme is being tested for the employment and delivery of the supplies as per need.

The search for a vaccine and treatment protocols for Covid-19 continues. The department plans to increase the stock of the equipment for unforeseen circumstances. It also will produce more equipment.

The US Navy hospital ship USNS Comfort will leave New York City shortly, returning to its homeport of Norfolk, Virginia. The vessel plans to restock its medical supplies and move for the next mission, as per requirement.

Hoffman added: “We’ll be looking to [the Federal Emergency Management Agency] to identify where that next location is; they are the federal government’s lead on this, and so they’re the ones who will be tasking us.”