The US Army is set to assess the Manifest augmented reality (AR) platform developed by Taqtile to upgrade motor pool operations.

As part of this, the army has awarded a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase 1 contract to the company.

A series of workshops and hands-on demonstrations will be held to evaluate the ability of Manifest to use the expertise of frontline personnel to perform complex tasks safely and accurately.

The evaluation will check its ability to tackle complexities, inefficiencies, and outdated paper-based processes to maintain and repair the pool of military vehicles.

Manifest’s instructions will allow army mechanics to complete the maintenance tasks efficiently during the vehicle maintenance process.

Taqtile chief revenue officer Kelly Malone said: “Our robust Manifest solution is designed to handle the complex procedures and equipment typical in army motor-pool maintenance.

“We expect army personnel, from new recruits to seasoned mechanics and officers, to immediately recognise the benefits of Manifest, and to look for ways to deploy our platform to other locations and vehicles in the motor pool.”

Manifest also documents maintenance and repair information in the form of video and audio ‘notes’ that can be distributed across the organisation easily.

The platform has already been assessed by the Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT), which also confirmed its benefits in a study on technician performance.

In November last year, the US Army awarded a Phase I SBIR funding to Autonomous Solutions Inc (ASI) to develop a deep learning (DL) architecture to support sensor fusion in GPS-denied environments.