Peraton to extend UNO Planner software for US Army PdM TCNO
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Peraton to extend UNO Planner software for US Army PdM TCNO

02 Sep 2021 (Last Updated September 2nd, 2021 11:29)

The company will extend UNO Planner software for integrated planning of tactical network.

Peraton to extend UNO Planner software for US Army PdM TCNO
The software provides intelligent and integrated planning for the army tactical network. Credit: US Army.

Peraton Labs has won a contract to extend the Unified Network Operations (UNO) Planner software for the US Army, Product Manager Tactical Cyber and Network Operations (PdM TCNO).

The contract is valued at $10.3m and has a one-year period.

The UNO Planner extension is intended to further support extra transmission systems and planning capability. These include planning for the security of communications and the creation of documents.

The company will work on providing an integrated planning product that completely supports the Integrated Tactical Network (ITN).

UNO Planner reduces complexity and provides greater flexibility, high accuracy, and decreases time and training.

It also supports ‘tactical satellite communications and terrestrial networks’ with the rapid creation of critical configuration files. These error-free files are necessary to establish network elements and signal systems.

Peraton claims that this contract meets US Army requirements for improved Network Operations (NetOps) at the tactical edge.

The US Army has awarded this contract to Peraton Labs due to the latter’s expertise in tactical communications, mobile networking, as well as software and systems development.

The company noted that it has been supporting the US Army for more than two decades in offering solutions for mobile combat communications.

Peraton Labs president Petros Mouchtaris said: “Peraton Labs is proud to continue supporting the army in modernising its operations for the Integrated Tactical Network to significantly reduce complexity and operational burden.

“Agile, intelligent and easy-to-use network operations are critical to the army’s current and future mission success.

“UNO Planner delivers next-generation planning support across the entire ITN, enabling efficient, accurate and flexible NetOps with reduced training requirements.”

In May, Peraton Labs parent company Peraton completed the acquisition of government IT services provider Perspecta in an all-cash deal worth $7.1bn.