• 23 October 2007

    RE2 to Develop High Speed UGV With Robotic Arm

    Intelligent modular manipulation systems provider RE2 has been awarded a Phase II Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) programme by the US Army to develop a small, high-speed, unmanned ground vehicle...

  • 22 October 2007

    BAE Chief Mike Turner Quits

    BAE chief executive Mike Turner has announced his resignation only months after stating he wished to remain in the post for at least five more years. Turner, who has held...

  • 19 October 2007

    Pentagon Announces US$1.2 bn MRAP Spend

    The Pentagon has awarded a series of contracts worth US$1.2bn for 2,400 mine resistant armoured vehicles (MRAP). The contracts, which will deliver the vehicles in April next year, will raise...

  • 19 October 2007

    US Missile Defence Proposal Wins NATO Support

    A new proposal for missile defence cooperation between the US and Russia has won the support of NATO allies. The US has proposed a "joint regional architecture in missile defence"...

  • 18 October 2007

    Russia to Keep Topol Missile for 21 More Years

    Russia has successfully tested its Topol RS-12M intercontinental ballistic missile. The Russian Strategic Missile Forces said in a statement the test was part of the country’s plan to upgrade its...

  • 17 October 2007

    Raytheon Awarded Sensor Netting Contract

    The US Department of Defence (DoD) has purchased Raytheon Solipsys' Tactical Component Network (TCN) technology under a US$45.5m contract for sensor fusion and advanced networking technology. Raytheon Solipsys, a subsidiary...

  • 17 October 2007

    Army Chooses DragonFly Delivery System

    Airborne Systems' DragonFly has been chosen by the US Army for aerial cargo and supplies delivery to operational areas in remote locations. The DragonFly is a precision guided parachute delivery...

  • 16 October 2007

    iRobot Unveils Warrior X700

    US company iRobot has unveiled a military robot it says will soon be able to travel a four-minute mile. The 250lbs iRobot Warrior X700 can carry a 500lbs payload, lift...


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