The US Army in Europe (USAREUR) is conducting a bilateral training exercise, code-named Sky Soldier 16, with the Spanish Armed Forces at the Chinchilla training area, Spain.

The exercise is being held from 24 February to 10 March, and participated in by soldiers of the USAREUR’s 173rd Airborne Brigade and Spanish Armed Forces Airborne Brigade (BRIPAC).

Paratroopers from both countries are conducting combined company and battalion-level airborne operations, as well as situational training exercises such as live-fire training.

The initial phase of the exercise was to see the Spanish soldiers execute an early-entry operation.

"The exercise aims to build a foundation for future allied training for both the forces."

This was to be followed by a battalion-level airfield seizure onto La Felipa drop zone, and consequent follow-on operations from each nation.

The exercise aims to build a foundation for future allied training for both the forces, and improve unit lethality and tactical airborne proficiency for contingency operations.

In the final phase of the Sky Soldier exercise, the paratroopers will conduct a long-range marksmanship task, which will involve the forces collectively executing allied familiarisation training and mortar fire.

The forces will conduct additional night driver training, as well as marksmanship ranges to validate all gunners within the battalion.

Image: US Army paratroopers during Exercise Sky Soldier 16 at Chinchilla training area in Spain. Photo: courtesy of Staff Sgt. Opal Vaughn/US Army.