Arotech subsidiary FAAC has been awarded a contract for the supply of its Military Operator Driving Simulators (ODS) to the US Army National Guard (ARNG).

The $6.1m order represents a continuation of a multi-year procurement strategy, which has to date deployed 19 ODS systems and covers delivery of a total of eight trailer systems, each featuring two driving simulators to the ARNG’s bases in Arizona, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Massachusetts, South Dakota, and Nevada, US.

The simulators will be used to train operators of the M915 tractor trailer, M939 straight truck , family of medium tactical vehicles (FMTV), heavy expanded mobility tactical truck (HEMTT), palletized load system (PLS), heavy equipment transporter (HET), M1114 high-mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicle (HMMWV), mine-resistant, ambush-protected (MRAP) Cougar and MRAP-all terrain (M-ATV) vehicles.

FAAC military business development director Todd Glenn said the ODS helps ANRG personnel to learn skills required to operate the vehicles and prepare for conditions expected at widely varying deployment locations, by providing an immersive, realistic training.

”Through use of the ODS, the National Guard can maintain operator proficiency, ensure training standards, and remain prepared to serve their essential role in our nation’s defence," Glenn added.

The ARNG ODS is an advanced simulator designed to offer realistic and high-fidelity operational training for both on and off-road conditions in varied environmental conditions over simulated geographical regions that range from standard US roadways to deployment locations.

First ODS is scheduled to be delivered to the Nevada National Guard immediately after exhibition at the 134th National Guard Association of the US General Conference & Exhibition, which will be held in Reno, Nevada, US, from 9-12 September 2012.