The US and Canadian armies are conducting a joint training exercise at Camp Atterbury, Indiana, US, which aims to enhance their command and control techniques and increase interoperability with allies.

Called Warfighter, it involves approximately 3,000 US troops from 22 different units from the regular and reserve forces, the army and air national guard, including army national guard members from the 38th Infantry Division headquartered in Indiana.

Around 300 Royal Canadian Army soldiers from 4th Canadian Division Support Base Petawawa, Canadian Forces Base Kingston and 5th Canadian Division Support Base Gagetown, are participating to improve their command and control techniques, as well as information flow between subordinate and higher commands.

"This joint Canadian Army-US training exercise strengthens our partnership with our American allies."

The event is primarily designed to test readiness, responsiveness and skills in a variety of scenarios that simulate a full-scale military operation.

Canadian Defence Minister Rob Nicholson said: "In today’s complex security environment, it is essential for the Canadian Armed Forces to be ready to meet an array of challenges.

"This joint Canadian Army-US training exercise strengthens our partnership with our American allies and ensures that our soldiers are prepared to deploy with our partners and allies around the world."

Canadian Army commander lieutenant-general Marquis Hainse said: "Exercise Warfighter helps the Canadian Army become more efficient and agile as we continue to develop combat effective units capable of responding to a multitude of threats.

"By training regularly in realistic and challenging scenarios, our soldiers remain strong, proud and ready to fulfil their core missions, including the conduct of domestic and international operations."

4th Canadian Division commander brigadier-general Lowell Thomas said: "Exercises such as Warfighter are an important way for our members to participate in multinational training with our allies"

Scheduled to finish on 13 February, the exercise also enables the Canadian Army’s High Readiness Task Forces to strengthen their ability to deploy anywhere at any time and gain experience working with the US Army.