BAE Systems has signed a teaming agreement with Patria to bid for the Australian Army’s Land 400 Phase II land-combat vehicle system (LCVS) programme.

Under the terms of the agreement, the team will collaborate to deliver a Patria 8×8 armoured modular vehicle (AMV) solution to meet the requirements of the Australian Defence Force (ADF).

Patria Land business unit senior vice-president Markku Bollmann said: "Patria AMV combines high payload capacity and excellent mobility with the latest technology.

"The versatility of the modular design enables it to be tailored and continually developed to meet the needs of modern defence forces around the world.

"Patria AMV is a highly capable vehicle with [a] strong sales track-record and in use by seven different nations in [a] wide range of environments."

BAE Systems Australia Land & Integrated Systems director Graeme Bent said: "Patria has a proven track record of technology transfer to user nations, and BAE Systems has a long and proud history of building and supporting both tracked and wheeled military vehicles, here and overseas.

"Patria AMV combines high payload capacity and excellent mobility with the latest technology."

"Continued local support will enable the ADF to draw upon an established manufacturing base and our global network."

Land 400 LCVS Phase II covers the acquisition and support of a combat reconnaissance vehicle (CRV) and is claimed to be the lead project to achieve integration of the Australian Army’s future combined-arms fighting system (CAFS).

The project is expected to replace and enhance mounted close-combat capabilities that are currently enabled by the M113AS4 armoured fighting vehicle, Australian light armoured vehicle (ASLAV) and Bushmaster protected mobility vehicle fleets.

With BAE as the prime contractor, the team will now develop their solution to address the ADF’s CRV requirement before releasing additional details about their tender solution.

Image: The BAE-Patria team is offering the Patria 8×8 armoured modular vehicle for the ADF’s Land 400 Phase II Defence programme. Photo: courtesy of BAE Systems.

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