Arab states of the Persian Gulf have ordered US weapons worth $123bn, providing a huge boost to the US military industry.

The first phase of Saudi Arabia’s US arms package, worth $67bn, is soon to go before the US Congress for approval.

The initial package involves 85 new F-15 jet fighters, upgrading another 70, and a successor contract that involves the upgrade of radar and missile defence systems of the Saudi Navy’s eastern fleet.

The UAE had signed contracts worth $35bn-$40bn to buy military equipment that includes Thaad, a high altitude missile defence system, and upgrades to the Patriot missile defence system.

Oman is expected to spend $12bn for 18 new F-16 jet fighters and upgrades for another 12 jets.

Kuwait will be spending $7bn on replacing and upgrading warplanes and new command and control systems.

The total value of all US arms deals with Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Oman and Kuwait is estimated at $122.88bn over the next four years, according to the Tehran Times.