Lockheed Martin’s Savi Technology will supply 50 portable deployment kits (PDKs) to locate, track and manage radio frequency identification (RFID)-tagged supplies to US marines operating in Afghanistan.

Under the contract, SAVI will supply updated and compact PDK units that use RFID, GPS and iridium modems to communicate via satellite with Department of Defense’s (Dod) in-transit visibility (ITV) network.

PDK allows easy transportation and can be installed as mobile reader checkpoints, including at transfer locations from air, land or ocean modes of transportation, or at supply management units in field operations.

The kit enables the military logisticians to communicate their requirements with supply depots in the US through satellite communications with the DoD’s ITV network.

Savi Technology CEO David Stephens said the PDK units would help war fighters to be properly equipped, especially in remote and austere environments.

“Savi’s portable deployment kit helps to improve operational efficiency, lower transportation costs, and minimise inventory and excessive supply orders,” he said.

The PDK integrates a wide range of wireless tracking and data collection technologies, including barcodes, 2D barcodes, active RFID and GPS location systems with satellite communications.