German-based Rheinmetall Defence has unveiled the KARS (Kampfmittelaufklärungs-und Räumsystem) ordnance detection and clearing system that helps soldiers to detect and neutralise explosive devices.

The KARS system, mounted on a GTK Boxer chassis, allows troops to detect optically suspicious objects at distances of up to 300m.

The system can search for explosive devices within a radius of 10m without moving and scan for objects buried up to 50cm below the surface with its advanced sensor technology.

KARS also features a robot arm that is extendable to 14m to perform certain crucial functions and a special camera that provides the user with a stereoscopic spatial perspective, enabling swift identification of buried objects.

The robot arm can carry a payload of 450kg, and recover and evacuate wounded personnel in open terrain, vehicles or buildings.

Other features of KARS include a retractable, remote-controlled weapon station for self-defence, and other demining and crew protection capabilities.