Indian aerospace scientists have developed a mid-air collision avert system, MPSP Algorithm, which can prevent manned and unmanned aerial vehicles from crashing into enemy aircraft or other objects.

Developed at the Indian Institute of Science, the technology uses a series of preinstalled collision guidance algorithms as instructions to detect and destroy a target.

MPSP Algorithm comprises mission-specific instructions, which will enable the aircraft to intercept the target without being distracted from its pre-ordained path.

Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) director general VK Saraswat said field trials would be carried out to create a defence that destroyed any incoming ballistic missile using MPSP Algorithm.

The technology helps to almost double the range of air-to-air missiles and to control the missile run by solid motors during the flight.

According to DRDO officials the technology significantly increases the range of India’s 3,500km-range missile Agni.

Flight test of the anti-missile system will be conducted next month as part of efforts to build a ballistic missile defence (BMD) shield against any incoming medium or long-range missile threats.