The US Army has cancelled the non-line-of-sight launch system (NLOS-LS), a precision attack missile programme that was part of the army’s future combat systems programme.

The project, which is under development by Raytheon in cooperation with Lockheed Martin, has already completed a $1bn development phase through a six-year period.

Following a detailed analysis of the NLOS-LS, the army has concluded that the missile system does not provide a cost-effective precision fire capability.

NLOS-LS is a platform independent precision engagement system that provides networked, responsive and rapidly deployable precision strike capability against stationary and moving targets.

The system features 15 all-weather missiles in a common launcher and can be mounted on a wide range of military vehicles.

In March 2004, the US Army awarded a $1.1bn contract to develop and demonstrate the NLOS-LS system, which is scheduled for initial fielding in 2011.