France’s defence procurement agency (DGA) has awarded a contract to Panhard General Defence for the supply of 187 petits véhicules protégés (PVP) light protected vehicles.

The PVP is an armoured 4×4 light protected vehicle specifically designed to carry command groups of artillery and combat engineer units as well as selected parachute and mountain infantry, intelligence and military police units.

Equipped with a 7.62mm machine gun, the PVP vehicle can accommodate a crew quantity of four and is air transportable in C130 and C160 aircraft or by using helicopter slings.

Deliveries began in late 2007 under the PVP programme and will run until late 2012 at a rate of 200 vehicles a year.

To date, the French Army has received 506 PVP vehicles while the deliveries of the current contract are scheduled for 2011.

In late 2009, the French Army deployed PVP in Lebanon and has deployed in Afghanistan since February 2010.