The German Army will supply up to 200 armoured vehicles to its troops operating in Afghanistan, according to Defence Minister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg.

Guttenberg said the new vehicles were necessary due to general wear and tear, but rejected calls to introduce the potent Leopard 2 tank, which features heavy armour and firepower designed for clashes with other tanks, according to

“In our current assessment the Leopard makes no sense whatsoever for use around Kunduz,” Guttenberg said.

“The aim is not to reinvent the army, but to optimise the personal and financial resources at our disposal.”

Much of the equipment being used by the German armed forces is quite old, including a fleet of ten Marder infantry vehicles.

The army is also operating FUCHS infantry vehicles, smaller Wolf all-terrain cars and a large fleet of lightweight Dingo vehicles, of which a total of 210 vehicles do not have enough potential for heavy attack.