BAE Systems will produce 48 Archer 155mm self-propelled artillery gun systems and their associated ammunition-handling systems for Swedish and Norwegian armed forces under a £135m ($202.07m) contract.

Bae Systems global combat systems weapons managing director Mike Smith said that the FMV and FLO national procurement agencies had invested in ensuring the procurement of the most advanced and capable artillery system for the Swedish and Norwegian Armies.

The Archer is an advanced and automated artillery gun system specifically designed for rapid deployment and high mobility in the most demanding operational scenarios.

The Archer weapon combines the firepower of BAE’s FH77 B05 52-calibre cannon with a modified Volvo commercial A30E 6×6 rugged articulated vehicle, and delivers concentrated firepower with conventional and advanced munitions to a range of up to 50km.

The gun system features a digital fire control system and automatic gun-laying capability that allows a response to calls for fire within 30 seconds. Ordnance can also be securely stowed and made ready for rapid redeployment within 30 seconds of the completion of a fire mission.

The Archer system also enables the operating crew of three to remain fully protected in the armoured cab of the vehicle during operations.

The Archer system can fire a full range of Western standard munitions including the BONUS projectile, dispensing precision targeting sub-munitions or the highly effective Excalibur precision guided round.