The US Army has awarded a $142.7m contract to Northrop Grumman to provide more than 500 lightweight laser designator rangefinders (LLDR).

The LDDR is a lightweight, interoperable system that provides a unique capability to forward observers and air controllers, and enables commanders to see the enemy as well as provide range finding and targeting information to other digital battlefield systems.

The system accurately targets enemy positions and can be operated during day and night in nearly all battlefield conditions, including haze, smoke, fog and rain.

Northrop’s LDDR uses an eye-safe laser wavelength to recognise targets, find the range to a target, and fix target locations for laser-guided, GPS-guided and conventional munitions.

To date, Northrop has delivered more than 1,300 LLDR systems to US military forces operating in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The five-year contract is the second delivery order awarded to Northrop Grumman.