The Austrian Army has launched two GMF Iveco light multirole vehicles (LMV) along with new JCB backhoe loaders at the military arsenal in Vienna, Austria.

The two multipurpose vehicles are part of the 150 GMF Iveco LMV armoured vehicles being procured by the army under a €100m ($137.4m) defence budget.

The LMV armoured vehicles will be used in different configurations for reconnaissance, observation, command and control as well as for military police tasks.

The vehicles provide a high level of mobility and protection against ballistic threats including small arms and mines, and chemical agents.

The two LMV armoured vehicles are scheduled to be delivered to the Austrian Army in late 2010.

In addition, the Austrian Amy also new JCB backhoe loaders for construction tasks undertaken by engineer forces.

The army will use the 8.5t heavy JCB Sitemaster Servo 4CX backhoe loader to remove the effects of moraines or log jams during disaster relief missions.

The Backhoe loaders will also provide fast and effective support for the construction of makeshift bridges.

The loaders will be transferred to the engineer battalions in Villach, Melk and Salzburg, and the training areas in Allentsteig and Seetaleralpe.