The Iranian Defence Minister has unveiled two new missile production plants capable of developing ground-to-air and surface-to-surface missiles.

The two missile production plants will produce the Qaem (rising) ground-to-air missile and a surface-to-surface missile named Toofan 5 (storm).

Iran defence minister Ahmad Vahidi said Qaem was designed to target assault helicopters at low and medium altitudes while Toofan 5 will have two warheads that can destroy tanks and other armoured vehicles, according to Fars news agency.

Iran recently launched a capsule carrying turtles, rats and worms aboard a Kavoshgar 3 (explorer) rocket as part of the country’s first attempt to send living creatures into space.

In December 2009, Iran tested the Sejil 2 (lethal stone) missile, describing it as a faster version of a medium-range missile that could allow it to strike enemies such as Israel.