The US Army has awarded a contract to Protonex Technology Corporation to deliver additional advanced portable battery charger or auxiliary power unit (APU) fuel cell products.

Under the $1.49m contract, the company will deliver 30 additional portable battery charger / APU products to the US Army for use in the battlefield.

The company will deliver M250-CX units with next-generation enhancements, which include increased power output, further integrated battery management and charging capabilities, additional ruggedisation, and reduced overall size and weight.

Protonex’s M250-CX system is a lightweight, 250W portable power system intended for a wide range of military battery charging and auxiliary power unit applications.

The system integrates advances in fuel cell energy conversion and battery charging technology to provide military battery charging and 28V auxiliary power with extremely low weight, noise and thermal signature.

The phase two contract has been awarded by the US Army Communications-Electronics Command as part of its initiative to develop and deliver advanced portable battery systems.