The Australian Defence Force (ADF) has awarded a contract to Mincom to design and implement the planning stage of joint project 2077 2B.2 (JP2077), a multiphased plan designed to improve military logistics across the entire ADF organisation.

Phase 2B.1 of JP2077 was to provide the world’s first fully deployable, fully integrated, tri-services military logistics solution, which includes the delivery of the military integrated logistics information system (MILIS).

MILIS provides the foundation for integrated financials, inventory, maintenance / asset management and distribution throughout the ADF.

Phase 2B.1 has successfully completed the functional testing and is scheduled for operational use in July 2010.

Under the contract for Phase 2B.2, Mincom will leverage the functionality to be delivered in phase 2B.1 for use in locations where Australian troops are deployed.

JP2077 phase 2B.2 will provide the ADF with greater visibility across its entire supply chain, especially to manage logistics surrounding the remote deployment of Australian troops worldwide.

Work on the planning stage is expected to be complete in the first half of 2011.