A new man-portable surveillance system (MAPSS) that provides intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) to tactical combat forces has been unveiled by Israel Aerospace Industries.

The MAPSS, also known as the EL/I-3370, is a compact, lightweight system that combines a ground movement detection radar with a day / night electro-optics (EO) sensor, which can be locally or remotely operated by a single person.

The radar, together with EO sensor detects, identifies and locates movement within a range of several hundred metres, delivering the data to the soldier as quickly as possible.

IAI subsidiary company ELTA Systems president Nissim Hadas said the MAPSS was flexible, portable, as it could be hidden and controlled remotely.

“A soldier can set it up and move away and he will receive all the necessary information. He can remotely control it, and doesn’t need to sit and guard the area,” he said.

The system is specifically designed for medium and short-range ground ISR missions, MAPSS performs under all weather conditions and on rough terrain.