The Indian Army has issued a request for information (RFI) regarding the purchase of a large number of all-terrain vehicles that can travel in snow-bound areas, marshes, creeks, beaches and deserts.

The RFI has already been issued by the Defence Ministry to domestic and foreign manufacturers for the procurement of an undisclosed number of high-utility vehicles that can accommodate ten fully-armed men.

The vehicles will be used by troops for patrol duties in difficult terrain operable in high-altitude areas with the ability to cross crevasses.

Additional features of the vehicles include a GPS powered by its own electrical systems, wind and temperature tachymeter, fire extinguisher, external storage facility for rappelling ropes, ice aces, pick axes and shovels, and two 20l warming fuel jerry cans.

Other attachments to the vehicle would include all-way blades, a rotary snow blower, a snow cutter and a tilt trailer.

The RFI asked the manufacturers to transfer the technology for manufacturing the vehicles in India in the future.

The Indian Army is likely to procure both wheeled and tracked all-terrain vehicles, which are required to have convertible rack and seat system.