The Indian Army will conduct tests of Agni-II and Agni-III missiles in January 2010, following the recent successful trial of its nuclear-capable ship-based surface-to-surface Dhanush missile.

Trials for the 2,000km-range Agni-II missile conducted in May and November failed to reach set standards.

The Agni-II tests will be followed by a developmental trial of the country’s 3,500km-range missile Agni-III, according to

The 16.7m-long missile has a diameter of 1.8m and has an overall weight of 48.3t and a velocity of 5km a second.

The two-stage missile can carry conventional and nuclear warheads weighing around 1.5t.

The Agni-III missile is propelled by solid fuels and allows swifter deployment when compared with missiles which use a mix of solid and liquid fuels.