The French Army has received the first five regimental command information systems from EADS Defence & Security for its VBCI armoured vehicles.

A total of 110 VBCI armoured vehicles will be equipped with the SIR which will be used in different theatres of operation.

Defence and Communications Systems (DCS), a business unit of EADS Defence & Security, has developed SIR software that consistently upgrades the system allowing future enhancements according to army requirements.

The system is specifically designed to speed up the command and control processes and coordinate units and weapons systems.

It also ensures high mobility and surveillance capacities while allowing fully integrated command at regiment, group, battalion and squadron levels in the battlefield.

The 25.6t, 8×8 armoured fighting vehicle has a welded steel and aluminium hull that protects soldiers against small arms fire and artillery shell splinters.

The 7.6m-long and 2.98m-wide vehicle has a crew of two and can carry nine troops.

The vehicle has an operational range of 750km and a maximum road speed of 100km/h.

DCS, currently producing the SIR vehicles, will continue to provide SIR vehicle hardware maintenance until 2013.