The Indian Army’s Strategic Forces Command (SFC) is all prepared to test fire its indigenous 2,000km range Agni-II ballistic missile next week from Wheeler Island off the Orissa coast, India.

The Times of India has quoted a defence scientist as saying, “Agni-II’s user training trial is likely to be conducted any time between 29-30 August to give the necessary confidence to the armed forces that the two-stage, solid-fuelled missile can be fired whenever required.”

Agni-II, developed by Advanced Systems Laboratory along with other DRDO laboratories, is a two-staged solid propelled ready-to-fire missile weighing 17t and is capable of carrying a payload of 1t.

The missile features a strap-down inertial navigation system for guidance and accuracy while its advanced composite structure protects the payload during re-entry phase.

The Agni series includes the 700km range Agni-I, which has already been inducted into service and the 3,500km range Agni-III that is still in the process of induction.