General Dynamics UK has selected Thales UK to supply the primary and secondary sighting systems for the reconnaissance variant of the Scout specialist vehicle (SV) for The British Army.

The primary sight consists of a thermal imager to identify targets and has a wide area search and detect (WASAD) capability that automatically detects and tracks potential targets.

The secondary sight includes a high-definition colour TV camera for daylight use, as well as a long-range day optical channel to detect, identify and accurately engage targets at extended ranges.

Both sights will be integrated with a Sensor Processor Unit to enable the vehicle’s turret to quickly track the target while on the move, providing an unexcelled hunter-killer capability to the vehicle.

Lockheed Martin UK, the Scout SV turret subcontractor, will integrate the sights onto the turret for the Scout SV programme.

The Scout reconnaissance vehicle is a key variant in the British Army’s SV fleet and will serve alongside other SV variants including protected mobility, repair and recovery vehicles.