The militaries of Turkey, Afghanistan and Pakistan have launched a week-long joint military exercise in Tuzla, Istanbul, Turkey, to improve their anti-terror capabilities, according to Turkish military officials.

“The exercise basically aims to improve coordination between the three militaries with a view to future anti-terrorism tasks,” the military official added.

The wide-ranging, multitask exercise involves military operations in urban terrain (MOUT), which include basic and battle order training.

The Turkish Army demonstrated MOUT along with combat order, training controls, fighting in built-up areas, and handmade explosives training sessions.

Dozens of Afghan and Pakistani infantry troops, and specialist teams of the three countries comprising sniper and anti-tank detachments are participating in the exercises.

Turkey has trained thousands of troops in Afghanistan since 2001 and has about 800 Turkish soldiers in Afghanistan as part of the Nato-led International Security Assistance Force, according to Defense News.