Iraqi soldiers have conducted a live-fire exercise using 60mm and 81mm mortar systems to test their mortar skills at Destiny Range in Ninewa province, Iraq.

US Soldiers of 1st Squadron facilitated the training, which was part of an Iraqi training programme to build IA capability to conduct national defence operations.

Within the live-fire exercise, Iraqi mortar crews applied their knowledge to deliver fire on targets more than 1,000m away.

US instructors taught the Iraqi mortar unit leaders the basics of firing and manoeuvring mortar systems, calculating distance and trajectory, and communicating with forward observers.

US Staff Sergeant Damion Cunningham said the training would help Iraqi soldiers to effectively use indirect fire systems to support infantry units in the battlefield when artillery was unavailable.

“It’s very important to teach these guys how to use mortars for them to support their companies and battalion-level efforts,” he added.