The British Army in Afghanistan is to test a new high-tech gadget, the sniper spotter, which can identify the exact position of enemy snipers 1,000yd away.

The computerised gadget, officially known as the compact soldier-worn shooter-detector system has been developed by army scientists at the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory in Wiltshire, UK.

“It works on acoustics and when a round is fired the small display panel highlights an arrow indicating the direction of fire, which is a major help in returning fast and accurate fire,” a senior official said.

The 4in-square device, weighing about 310g, can be worn on a soldier’s arm and enables fire to be returned immediately and accurately even if the enemy is mobile while being fired at.

The detector will also allow joint tactical air controllers to forward exact locations of the enemy to fighter pilots for an air strike, according to IANS.

Each unit costs £10,000 and an initial 1,000 units have been ordered for UK troops in Afghanistan’s southern Helmand province.