Raytheon and Lockheed’s Javelin joint venture (JJV) has conducted the first Javelin missile firings from the common remote operations weapon station (CROWS) II.

The station was mounted on a Stryker infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) in a near-tactical configuration and three missiles hit their targets at 500m and 1,000m downrange.

The optimal firing of the missiles confirmed the successful integration of the Javelin into the CROWS II.

Raytheon’s Javelin programme director and JJV president Duane Gooden said the integration of the weapon system with the IFV provided immediate precision fire capability to the warfighter.

“This enables soldiers to stay protected inside the Stryker while still employing Javelin against a broad array of targets,” he said.

The Stryker armoured personal carrier has been used by the US Army in Iraq and Afghanistan since 2003.