Russian permanent representative to NATO Dmitry Rogozin has urged the alliance to comment on WikiLeaks reports, claiming that it has plans for defending Poland and the Baltic republics against Russian attacks.

Rogozin made the statement after a meeting of the Russia-Nato Council and insisted on a political reaction from the alliance, according to Itar-Tass News Agency.

“The information reported by WikiLeaks and published by The Guardian and other newspapers casts a shadow on the Lisbon agreements. NATO cannot limit itself to just curt comments on this matter,” he said.

The council’s meeting focused on the implementation of the agreements reached at the summit, mainly cooperation in the field of missile defence.

The summit, held last month, called the nations strategic partners and rejected the threat of force.

Rogozin said the reports, however, contradicted the spirit and the letter of the decision made at the summit of the Russia-Nato Council.