The UK Government is concentrating on developing and understanding cyberwarfare weaponry more than any other military area, chief of defence staff General David Richards said.

“It’s very genuinely a huge priority for us. Along with like-minded nations in NATO for example, we are more actively expanding our understanding and weaponry in this area than in any other area,” he said.

The UK has declared that an extra £650m ($758.7m) will be spent on cyber security after the new national security strategy highlighted cyberwarfare as one of the major threats to it, according to Reuters.

“I often say to people, even today you might take out a country’s infrastructure by bombing the hell out of it. Within no time at all you’ll do it through cyberattack. It’s a huge area of risk,” Richards added.

The issue of cyberwarfare gained importance in September 2010 when security experts suggested that the Stuxnet computer worm attack could have been created by a state to attack nuclear facilities in Iran.

The head of the UK’s communications spy agency has also warned that some countries were already engaged in using cyber techniques to attack each other.