Bae has unveiled a protected mobility vehicle, the Valanx, for the Australian Defence Force under Project Land 121-phase 4 at the Land Warfare Conference 2010 in Brisbane.

The Valanx has a signature V-shaped hull, and is designed to deflect a mine blast away from the vehicle, protecting the soldiers inside, according to The Shephard.

Under the Australian Protected Mobility Vehicle – Light (PMV-L) programme, the vehicle will replace the Land Rover Perentie vehicle in Australia.

BAE Land and Integrated Systems director Kim Scott said the Valanx was the safest and most capable vehicle offered to the Australian Army.

“It’s built for the modern warfighter and delivers on the demanding balance required for the “Iron Triangle” of payload, performance and protection,” he said.

The vehicles will revert back to Australian control in December for further evaluation against the Australian trials and evaluation programme.

The Australian Army received three right-hand drive Valanx vehicles in June 2010.