The Netherlands exported weapons worth €1.41bn in 2009, an increase of 12% from 2008, according to an annual report complied by the Dutch Campaign Against Arms Trade (CTW).

According to the report, large quantities of weapons are still exported to dictators, conflict areas and developing countries, contrary to the Dutch export policy.

Morrocco is said to be the Netherland’s top customer after the country purchased three warships for €555m, followed by the US (€178m), Germany (€149m), Canada (€85m) and Turkey (€66), according to NIS News Bulletin.

The exports listed in the report include six second-hand F-16 fighter aircraft to Jordan, €9m ICT systems and surveillance aircraft to Pakistan and two million components for military vehicles to Yemen.

“Although Dutch arms export policy demands a critical view of the human rights situation and internal and regional efforts in the destination country, this is no obstacle to sales to clearly problematic destinations such as Egypt, Yemen, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia,” CTW said.