Rheinmetall unveils remote-controlled vehicle station
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Rheinmetall unveils remote-controlled vehicle station

By Norbert Neumann 20 Aug 2021

Rheinmetall has unveiled the newest member of its remote-controlled vehicle-mounted weapon station family, Natter 7.62.

Rheinmetall unveils remote-controlled vehicle station
Nutter 7.62 Remote-controlled station. Credit: Rheinmetall YouTube video screengrab.

Army Technology understands that the new modular concept enables the integration of different mounting kits to accommodate weapons ranging from 5.56 x 45mm to 7.62 x 51mm.

The 100kg self-protection system is designed to be installed on tracked and wheeled vehicles, even under difficult conditions.

Pipe axis movements caused by ballistics can be compensated using advanced image processing algorithms allowing coaxial assembly on a two-axis stabilised platform, the platform’s datasheet states.

The system also supports automatic target tracking in addition to manual tracking.

The carbon-based mount technology reduces weight and vibration, which complements the design and shape of the platform, resulting in a significant signature reduction.

The Natter 7.62 is equipped with FlexEye, an integrated day and night vision system sensor technology that provides a simultaneous, weather-independent display of multiple targets.

The platform is operated from an onboard infrared-touchscreen monitor and an ergonomic, individually configurable joystick.

Rheinmetall’s remote-controlled weapon product range includes the Snake 12.7, Fieldranger Light, Fieldranger Multi, Fieldranger Dual and Fieldranger 20. Each designed for different land vehicle sizes and weights.

The company said the technology will enable customers to overcome the challenges of mobile units in respect to self-protection at close range.