MBDA has partnered with Safran Electronics & Defense to jointly offer the Missile Moyenne Portée (Mmp) system and PASEO advanced sighting system for the Australian Army’s LAND 400 combat reconnaissance vehicle programme in a deal worth $20bn.

The global strategic partnership would play a key role in response to the Commonwealth of Australia’s Defence Industry Policy Statement to support the country’s development of sovereign industrial and strategic capability, Safran stated.

The MMP land combat missile system will be supplied for Phase II of the LAND 400 programme, through the partnership announced between MBDA and Ferra Engineering earlier this year.

Featuring automated and man-in-the-loop capabilities, the MMP has been designed for dismounted infantry and combat vehicle integration.

“The MMP has been designed for dismounted infantry and combat vehicle integration.”

Weighing 15kg, the network-enabled MMP also receives third-party target designation for indirect firing scenarios.

Phase II of the LAND 400 programme involves the acquisition of combat reconnaissance vehicles to replace the Australian Light Armoured Vehicle (ASLAV) fleet.

PASEO sighting system offers advanced capabilities and is already integrated to fire the MMP missile.

In addition, the French Army’s new Jaguar combat vehicles will be equipped with MMP and Safran Electronics & Defense’s PASEO advanced sighting systems.

The qualification of MMP was completed in July, with deliveries to the French Army having since started.

Safran Electronics & Defense partners with MBDA for a number of programmes, including the MMP missile system where they are responsible for critical optronics elements such as dismounted firing posts, sensors, commands, and missile seekers.