• 1 May 2007

    Iraq Army to Expand This Year

    Iraq Army Officials announced that the army would aim to recruit and train a further 20,000 soldiers during 2007. 25 battalions and two division headquarters would be created with the...

  • 11 April 2007

    Iraq Army Acquires Troop Carriers

    The Iraq Army has acquired light armoured vehicles from the US. 40 $39,000 troop carriers (Badger light armoured vehicles) were delivered to the Taji Army Base on 31 March. These...

  • 10 April 2007

    Bhutto Urges Musharraf to Quit Army

    Pakistan's President Gen Pervez Musharraf must resign from his army post, exiled former premier Benazir Bhutto has said. Bhutto acknowledged having talks with Pakistan's government, but said the resignation was...

  • 3 April 2007

    Army Sending Units Back to Iraq Early

    Defence officials announced on Monday that, for the second time since the Iraq war began, the US Army will be sending large units back to Iraq within a year of...


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