• Will unmanned ground vehicles replace tanks?

    The march of autonomy continues in the defence industry, with unmanned ground vehicles in development for armed forces around the globe. Harry Lye asks whether this could spell the end...

  • January’s top news stories

    US Army engineers developed a new armoured turret for anti-tank missile gunners, and the US Missile Defense Agency identified Kauai military site as a possible location for its $1.9bn Homeland...

  • Streetfighter and the future of the Challenger 2

    The British Army has revealed details of the Streetfighter II upgrade to the Challenger 2 tank, featuring anti-tank Brimstone missiles, an enhanced camera suite and Elbit System’s IronVision system.

  • What’s in the Iranian military arsenal?

    Located in West Asia, the Islamic Republic of Iran is the second biggest country in the Middle East. Iran has the largest inventory of ballistic missiles in the Middle East...

  • 2019 top news stories

    Indonesian Army ordered nine Bell 412EPI helicopters and British Army to train soldiers with VR under new pilot scheme. Army-technology.com wraps up key headlines from 2019.